Wuzhen International Theatre Festival

Presented Portraits in Motion (Germany) and Water Stain (Brazil) at the Wuzhen International Festival as part of the festivals specially invited performances.

Worked closely with the curating team to recommend and plan the suitable productions.

Organized the touring and logistical schedule for two companies performing for the first time in China.

On-site management for delivering performances successfully.

There are many arts festivals all over the world and indeed throughout China, but few can match the picturesque beauty of the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival. With a particular focus on both international new works and emerging Chinese talents in the water-town of Wuzhen. One of the unique qualities of the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival is the charm and variety of the theatre spaces. Each venue is within walking distance of each other, and include outdoor performing spaces and indoor venues adapted from ancient Chinese buildings.

Portraits in Motion

Water Stain