Theatre Development Plan (Shenzhen)

London theatre industry and environment analysis.

Local audience analysis and audience development plan proposal.

Festival and commercial events using multi-function venue spaces.

We provided consulting services to a leading Chinese property developer to understand the London theatre environment and cultural landscape to support their mid-size theatre development and programming project. One of the mostly highly developed cities in China, the average age of the population in Shenzhen is 28.9 years old, relatively younger than other Chinese cities. Most of the citizens have some overseas experiences, so they are more open-minded and curious about international pop arts. Furthermore, large numbers of foreign investors have brought a multi-cultural atmosphere to the city.  In combination this makes theatregoers a fashion life style and a new trend that is competing increasingly with cinema as a form of entertainment. According to these bases, we believe that a modern theatre space is urgently required and could add significant value, and provided our professional visions on the construction project.