Taiwan Season 2015
@Edinburgh Fringe

Promoted the Taiwan Season in its second year as a brand to raise the platform for future emerging performing artists.

Enabled the Taiwanese artists to secure the most suitable venues, identify the best audience approach and engagement, and effective drawing and management of media focus.

We were contracted to provide the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture with a one stop service for the second season of Taiwanese work at the Edinburgh Fringe. The season showcased an incredible display of Taiwanese artistry from circus to contemporary dance to puppetry, all performed by Taiwan’s most talked about performance art companies. Our expertise and overseeing for the Ministry included: event planning, strategy development, venue pitching, contract supervision, third party marketing/PR, and project completion reports.

Following our work with trusted local marketing and PR partners, the performances went on to garner highly praiseworthy and popular reviews from theatregoers on social media and professional media alike, including The Guardian, The Times, and The Scotsman, amongst many others.