Science Detective (International Co-production)

Partnered with the Beijing Elite Group and the core creative team of the Energy Show, Martin Lamb and Janet Bird, to develop and produce an original Chinese science show for a young audience.

Ensured smooth and efficient communication between the British creative team and Chinese production team.

Participated in and contributed to the creation and production process to make sure the artistic presentation fit both sides’ expectations.

Dealt with British artists’ visiting schedules, meetings and all sorts of administrative affairs in China.

Inspired by the Energy Show, which is directed and co-written by Martin Lamb, and premiered at London’s National Science Museum in 2014, Performance Infinity saw the potential of this production and bridged the British creative team together with China’s Beijing Elite Group to develop an original Chinese production, Science Detective (Chinese: 能量密室). It was directed by Liu Xiaoyi who is known for works such as the  Chinese version of National Theatre’s War Horse. The Science Detective was premiered on 9th August 2018 at Beijing Poly Theatre and was immediately followed by a tour across 22 cities in China.