PARADISO at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Produced the Georgian puppetry theatre, Our Theatre’s PARADISO at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018 for its first time.

Assisted all sorts of administrative works for the work’s presentation including festival, venue and performers’ visa applications.

On behalf of the theatre troupe in communications between the team and venue regarding listing, production and technical matters.

Looked after the production’s logistics including accommodation, travel arrangements, transportation, equipment, and costumes and props.

Prepared marketing and media materials and engaged the suitable PR agency to enlarge the media and public exposures of the work.

Paradiso is the magical place where old people turn back into babies. Here, death is not the end – it’s the beginning of the circle of life. Presented by the renowned Georgian puppetry company, Our Theatre, this wordless production combines puppetry and music, and a fantastic cast who will move the audience to laughter and tears.
Noting the lack of visibility of Georgian theatre in the UK, Performance Infinity met Our Theatre and then decided to produce its PARADISO in the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe. A large proportion of the European population is made up of elderly people, and yet we still find it difficult to talk about ageing and death. Our Theatre’s PARADISO addresses this important topic in today’s society and reveals the deep insights of how we embrace the late stages of our life.
The production gained positive feedback from audiences and played a significant role in increasing the diversity of theatre’s works.