New City, New Sound

Managed the Edinburgh Festival Fringe application process on behalf of New Alliance Sound Group. Including the application process for the company’s international performance visas.

Hired a venue designed to complement the nature of the show, and its target audience.

Arranged the media and promotional campaign for the production throughout its performance run at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival.

Co-ordinated the technical schedule alongside the respective venues to ensure that each performance was delivered efficiently.

Delivered technical and linguistical assistance to ensure clear communications between partners operating in multiple languages.

New City, New Sound was an ensemble production brought to Edinburgh to highlight the musical and cultural talents emanating from the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Combining a range of performances, the show offered audiences a first-hand opportunity to hear traditional Chinese instruments and singing, as well as witness authentic dancing, unique to the region of Shenzhen. The stunning production offered a brilliant opportunity to experience both traditional and contemporary music and culture indigenous to Shenzhen.