Mr. Wu Hsing-kuo’s
Masterclass and Workshop

Promoted the famous Taiwanese Artist, and his theatre company, across the London theatre cultural landscape.

Advised different solutions targeting Western theatre participants and Chinese communities in London.

Increasing awareness of the nature and cultural significance of traditional Chinese Opera.

We offered consulting services for the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative office in the UK, to introduce Mr. Wu Hsing-Kuo, the famous Taiwanese artist, actor and Director of the Contemporary Legend Theatre, to Londoners through local audience events. Through the well-organised event and workshop, the audience could easily come to understand the background of the artist himself, the style of traditional Chinese Opera in modern theatre, and what’s more, there was even a session to let people follow his demonstration and learn the movements of traditional Chinese Opera physically. Following a seminar at Asia House to promote the Contemporary Legend Theatre Company, we also fulfilled the role of audience and media management for the event.


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