In order to facilitate the successful transfer of this amazing show to China ‘Performance Infinity’ were responsible for promoting this show to a suitable venue.

Coordination of the tour management and technical schedule.

The organizing of a series children’s workshop in Beijing for children ranging in age from 3 to 10 years old.

Assisting in the development between our international partners, leading to ‘Malasombra’ being programmed into China International Children’s Festival.

This year saw the unique ‘Malasombra’ perform in China for the first time. As the lead producers on this project Performance Infinity proceeded to promote this show to a suitable theatre in China, handling all international communications and scheduling the tour and technical requirements. ‘Malasombra’ combines various forms of artistic expression including video art, dance, object theatre and live music. The end result was the creation of a collective fantasy based upon a scenario by renowned Spanish Cartoonist, Max. The piece, inspired by Adelbert von Chamisso’s “Peter Schlemihl’s Remarkable Story”, tells the tale of a world in which all humans are embodied with a soul of darkness and light. Asking the question, what would happen if that soul where to be stolen? On the back of the success of the collaboration between ‘Malasombra’ and Performance Infinity the show has been programmed into the China International Children’s Festival, 2016.