Macbeth: Without Words
(Ludens Ensemble)
@Hangzhou & Shanghai Theatre Academy

Performance Infinity was responsible for the pitching of venue’s in China, helping this unique production and company to perform in China for the first time.

The management of the tour and its logistical and technical schedule.

Assisting in ensuring clear communications between partners working in the U.K and throughout China, whilst helping to develop ongoing partnerships.

In conjuncture with the official programme commemorating the 400th year anniversary of the deaths of Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare, Performance Infinity enabled the Ludens Ensemble to take their production of ‘Macbeth: Without Words’ to Shanghai and Hangzhou. Directed by Philippos Philippou the production utilizes multiple aspects of visual technology to create an utterly unique interpretation of ‘Macbeth’. This process involved organizing the tour schedule, helping to ensure clear communications between international partners and developing media interest in a company operating in multiple Chinese venues.