A Cantonese Opera

Operated on behalf of the Zhuo Peili Cantonese Opera Studio, who were bringing their first production to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This included managing the application process, securing of international visas, and hiring of a suitable performance space.

Co-ordinated the technical schedule alongside the respective venue, to ensure that each performance was delivered efficiently.

Arranged all media and promotional aspects relating to the show, using trusted media sources. Focusing on increasing the knowledge and understanding of Cantonese Opera at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The 2017 Edinburgh Festival Fringe saw one of Shakespeare’s most renowned plays, Macbeth, performed in an entirely unique style, that of a traditional Cantonese opera. Presented by the Zhuo Peili Cantonese Opera Studio the production combined the intrigue, jealousy and deep levels of human emotions known to Macbeth with the style, flair and vibrant colour of Cantonese opera.