Little Shakespeare
Shijia Drama Club, Chongqing Bashu and Chongqing Foreign Language School

Spotlites, Venue 278, Edinburgh

Performance Infinity produced this production alongside the Shijia Drama Club and Chongqing Foreign Language School. ‘Little Shakespeare’ is a medley of three of Shakespeare’s most famous works, each piece lasting twenty minutes. Ranging in age from ten to fifteen the two schools produced brilliant shorts from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear and Hamlet. Known as being two of the most prestigious institutes in China for the development of young theatrical talent, it was a brilliant opportunity for the students to be able to perform in Britain. As well as offering British audiences the chance to see some of China’s next generation of raising stars. This collaboration was part of the official programme commemorating the 400th year anniversary of the deaths of Tang Xianzu and William Shakespeare.