(International Co-production)

Worked alongside our China Performing Arts Agency, Shandong Grand Theatre and Shangdong Arts Academy to find artists based in the UK to collaborate on a dance production. This included the engaging choreographer Janis Claxton, composer Pippa Murphy, lighting designer Katherine Graham and costume designer Zhao Tong.

Supported a 5-week long creating work in China for the guest artist to train the local dancers and to develop the production

Arranged and presented the production at Oxford House before a Edinburgh Festival Fringe presentation

Organised the visit to local drama school, dance department for developing possible collaboration

The dance production In-Between, was a collaborative production between artists from the UK working alongside performers and artists from the Chinese city of Jinan. The dance choreography was developed by Janis Claxton to an original score composed by Pippa Murphy. First presented in the city of Jinan, the performance had a test presentation at Oxford House, London. Following the performance there was a talk on how the production of In-Between came together. The discussion then looked at the nature of artistic collaborations in China from both a British and Chinese understanding.