CPAA Training

Performance Infinity rranged venues throughout the U.K to host the training programmes and guest speakers.

Scheduled the management of the respective Chinese delegations and theatre venue managers in Edinburgh, Blackpool and London.

Invited over 40 guest speakers from a diverse range of British art management venues and institutions to offer their unique insight into theatre management.

Developed new partnerships between domestic and international partners in order to continue the growth of the theatre industry in China.

Bringing together a diverse range of talent from the British arts and cultural establishment, Performance Infinity developed a series of training events for managers of theatres from across China. Held throughout the U.K. the aim of the training programme was to offer a highly instructive, and completely unique insight into the successful running of a theatre venue or cultural institution. The programme included over forty guest speakers such as noted luminaries; Sonia Friedman OBE, producer and founder of Sonia Freidman Productions, John McGrath the CEO and Artistic Director of Manchester International Festival. The outstanding breadth of knowledge and acumen offered by these individuals produced a deeply informative and highly educational training programme, helping to develop, encourage and improve the management of Chinese theatre venues.