China Mime Festival

Inspired by London International Mime Festival, developed a strategy to present a series of physical productions through a festival platform.

Planned, curated, coordinated and managed all the 6 shows from 5 different countries.

Created a festival website in Mandarin and collaborated with most of the popular theatre industry medias and social medias to promote all the companies’ productions in China.

Organized several workshops for both professionals and public audience during each company’s visit.

Featuring 6 distinct physical productions from theatre companies based all over the world, the inaugural China Mime Festival brought some of the world’s leading physical theatre companies to China between October to December, 2017. The festival is majorly hosted in Guangzhou Dramatic Arts Centre. Some productions are also toured in different cities before or after the festival. The festival offered something unique in terms of their narrative, origin and production development but each shared one key characteristic exceptional physical theatric creativity.