Beijing Comedy Week
Hominus Brasilis
(Cia de Teatro Manual)

Supported Beijing Comedy Week to invite the international productions including the production of Hominus Brasilis.

Organized all logistical elements of the company performing in China including; the visa applications, flight details, hotel arrangements and communication with the Beijing venue.

Ensured a successful production run for a company performing in China for the first time.

Hominus Brasilis tells the story of humanity in the most unique way. Five actors use their bodies and vocal sounds to tell important episodes from earth’s history. All scenes take place on a 5′ by 3′ platform with no scenery or props. The Brazilian company Cia de Teatro Manual were founded in 2010, and have been performing globally since then. 2017 represented the company’s first time performing in China, with their production of Hominus Brasilis performing at the Beijing Comedy Week.